About Me

Lovetta Reyes-Cairo lives in Orem, Utah with her husband.  She grew up in an artistic family and has spent countless wonderful hours doing art with her mom, dad, two sisters, and two brothers.  She graduated from Brigham Young University in 2009 with a degree in Elementary Education.  She taught elementary school full time and continued to learn and create art during holidays and summer breaks.  In 2010 she and her husband had a beautiful baby boy, but he returned to heaven a few hours after his birth.  She continued to teach school and do art from time to time until 2013 when they had another precious son.  He lived for just a few months.  Through this great personal tragedy came many unexpected blessings including the determination to do art on a more professional level.  For Lovetta, art heals and allows for exploration and expression of feelings as few other things can.  She wants to share that with others.  Now she teaches art part time to 600 elementary school students, and creates her own art during the rest of her workday.  Much of her work features the human figure and explores ideas of spirituality, healing, balance, beauty, and love.

If you have a business inquiry, please feel free to contact me through “inquiries ~~at~~ loveheartsart ~~dot~~ com”. Email address in quotes and such to try and distract spam bots 🙂

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