Angel Paintings

I’ve made a goal to paint 20 angels by Christmas Day.  I want to paint angels because to me they are symbols of comfort, protection, and divine guidance. I don’t believe that angels really have wings.  I think some of them are people who lived on the earth and now have more understanding, abilities, and power.  The wings on my angels are a symbol of those increased abilities. I also think they are beautiful.  The challenge I’m struggling with right now is trying to translate these complex feelings and images I have floating around in my head out on the canvas. It has required more drawing and painting from imagination and memory than my Spring series. That has resulted in a lot of experimenting on my part and some interesting (and sometimes frustrating) progress pictures.
Here I started with a grey-green underpainting.


This one is an angel descending from heaven as it were in the midst of fire. I’m still experimenting with how I want the fire to look. I want it to be a heavenly fire. When I use a lot of dark it makes the lights stand out, but gives the whole painting a dark feel, which I didn’t like. You can see how much I’ve changed it so far. I am not done yet.

Angelpaintings_2Angelpaintings_3 Angelpaintings_5 Angelpaintings_8For this one I did a blue and brown underpainting.


Next week I’m going to a workshop with an artist who I think can teach me a lot about how to make my work better. I am so excited!

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