Art Show

Months ago my friend introduced me to artist Cristall Harper.  She talked to me about being an artist full-time and challenged me to have my own art show.  I’ve been working hard ever since, and accomplished my goal last weekend!  I displayed around 87 works of art from this last year.  Some day I hope to have my work displayed in a gallery, but until then, it was empowering to give myself a show in my own condo.  I love sharing my work through social media, but I love showing people in real life even more.  There is something powerful about meeting an original artwork face-to-face.  Prints, photos, and reproductions all have a place in the art world, but none of them compare to experiencing the texture, subtle color changes, and size in person.  I love looking at original paintings with the knowledge that the artist spent time physically there with the painting.   Touching, brushing, revising, staring, examining, enjoying the exact thing you are looking at.  I guess I’d say you get a more personal connection to the work.







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