Tiny Temples

I love tiny things of all kinds.  Tiny books, tiny charms, tiny boxes, tiny jewelry, tiny dolls, I’ve made tiny clay figures.  I’ve been wanting to do tiny paintings for a long time and finally did it this week.  I started a series of tiny temple paintings.  They are oil on 2 inch square canvases.  I love them.  I started with Timpanogos Temple, which is the first temple I went to and where I got married.  When I was young I watched the Angel Moroni statue get placed on top with a helicopter.  I have so many good memories of that temple, and this is the second oil painting I’ve done of it.  The first one was much larger.


Timpanogos Temple 2 in x 2 in oil on canvas

The second temple I painted this week was the Provo temple.  I went to college in Provo, so that was the temple I went to for a few years.  I also painted Manti, where I recently was able to view the staircases built by pioneers before electricity was mainstream.  The Salt Lake City temple, where I go see the Christmas lights every year.  The Oakland temple, which I have also painted before, and where my brother-in-law got married.  The Saint George temple is where my parents got married.  I asked for requests on Facebook and Instagram for what temples to paint, and I painted Edmonton Alberta (those angles were neat), Hawaii, Washington DC, and Oquirrh Mountain.  It was so fun for me to think about how many temples I have connections to even if I’ve never personally visited them.  They are all so architectural, and each one presents its own unique challenges.  I’m excited to keep adding to this series.


Saint George, Hawaii, Washington DC, Oquirrh Mountain


Timpanogos, Edmonton Alberta, Manti, Salt Lake City, Provo, Oakland

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