Summer Play and Paintings

“Researching” my next art project in the pool.

I find it interesting how much the seasons effect what I want to paint. Now that it’s hot and school is almost over for me, I’ve been wanting to paint summer things: water, the pool, popsicles, and sunny days.  So, on Memorial Day, when it was beautiful weather, we bought ourselves a little wading pool and played.  I love to play!  My sister and I had so much fun!  I think it’s important to play, and it doubles as research.  It’s the best kind of research because it feeds my inner artist child.  Art takes a lot.  There are skills and things to practice, but even more than that I want my art to have feeling.  I want it to be meaningful, and I think that kind of art has to come from our experiences.  When I play, it gives me more fun energy to put into my work.  I watched the water as it rippled around, reflections dancing.  It’s constantly changing, but always recognizable.  How can it look so many different ways and still always look like water?  It maintains some recognizable patterns at least.  It is so beautiful. I am excited to paint it!  There are so many possibilities.  Also, I want a waterproof camera.

Here are some progress shots of another painting I’m working on.  It reminds me of the scene from Beauty and the Beast where Belle runs up the hill singing, “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere…” and then she sits down by the dandelions.  I think I’m going to add a dandelion in her hair.

photo (3)

Work In Progress


Still a work in progress.

Still a work in progress.

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