Mixed Feelings

I think one of the reasons I love art so much is because I can communicate without words.  Writing these blog posts intimidates me.  But I’m going to do it anyway.  I do have things to say about art.

When I’m not drawing and painting, I teach art at an elementary school.  I’ve started walking to work, and the weather today was beautiful.  On my way to work I stared at the moon behind the clouds.  It was white, just like the clouds, and the sky was blue.  It was beautiful!  My sister, Melody Owens, loves the moon, and I think her affinity for it has rubbed off on me.  So, today I decided to try combining the moon with a woman.  I’ve been experimenting with combining nature and people for a while now; I find it fascinating.  I sketched this one a few days ago.

girl mountain640x896


I did this one today.  Something about it reminds me of a swimming cap, which is not necessarily what I was going for… but I don’t usually know what I’m going for when I start.  That’s why I have to experiment.  I have to let my ideas incubate and develop.  I’ll keep working on this one.

girl moon3



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